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Hello all,

I was there yesterday ...
I arrived at Acoz at 23h30, no cars were arrived, I waited there (in the ****ing cold of the belgium) until 00h30~01h00 and I saw the first cars :)
It was really crowded, too much people to take good pictures.
The local police was there too but they were not enough to maintain the order and it was really a mess...

I have taken the best shot I think and I hope you'll all enjoy ;)
My fav cars was the Lambo Murcielago of course ! and the BMW of Roy...I have to say that the Aston Martin was ****ing really impressive...
Enjoy the pic and the videos, sorry for the slowlyness, I host it on my computer... if someone want to host pictures and videos for me ... it's welcome :)

Some example pictures:


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