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Looks like this is only thread on the web regarding this message on E39s.

I installed 55w DDM slim kit into my fog lights yesterday, and now Im having lots of problems. Sad part is that even going back to original setup (disconnecting the HIDs from fogs) the problem is still there :sad1: Granted I havent played with wires/sockets mentioned here yet and it COULD be coincidence, but here's what's happening:

OEM non-AE xenons with eBay CCFL kit connected (not just tapped) to the parking lamps. So the only thing the turn signal does is blink when turn signal engaged, CCFLs replace the parking lamp function.

Well, after connecting the fog light HIDs, my left side CCFL rings wouldn't light up right away. You turn ON the fog lamps ONLY and maybe after 15-20 secs, rings come ON. You switch off-on, rings are out for another 15-20 secs.

Now if I put the lowbeams ON, the CCFL rings go out for good. I can wait 5 mins and they wont come back ON. That happens regardless if the fogs are ON or OFF along with the low beams.

"Check side light" only appears when the lights are off, granted im not sure which ones exactly. All I know that when everything is OFF, the warning comes on.

This morning after a 15 min drive, the right fog light went out and the left one was flashing at a steady "turn signal" rate hmmm Low beams weren't engaged, so the rings stayed ON

Either way, I know that's not enough info and this can probably be solved by trying out things described in this thread, I just hope i can nail it down. Hate when something doesnt work in the car, had nightmares last night :sad2:
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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