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Ok so not sure if you remember but I have a full propane/LPG conversion... And after 3 years she is still as silky smooth and as torquey as when on petrol/gas.

I had some teething problems for the first 6 months but now its no different .... except...

With the systems they tune them to the petrol map so it can mimic it... Problem is we have two maps... and obviously im vey rarely in p400 so I had mine tuned to p500.

This is perfect most of the time as I turn the car on before I press start I hit the m button and everything is great.

Problem is when I forget to hit M - very rarely but if my wife or the garage or valet start it for example they forget or don't know.

Then what happens is its fuelling it for p500 in p400 and it messes up the adaptation values so I end up having to get them reset.

What id like to do is to know how to have it come on in p500 and be done with it... not necessarily as part of a remap but if I have to I have to.

Any ideas?
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