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i will be moving to Charlotte in the next month or two and was wondering if anyone had any info or advice for me? i will be working uptown/center city near the doubletree (gateway village) or 3rd ward as they call it and was looking at sycamore green apartments which is uptown. there are a ton of apartments and townhomes in that area but they are all really pricey (b/c it's in the city). anyway, what other areas do you suggest - south end or southpark? i would like to be able to walk to work or downtown so i can save money and hassle on driving and parking and be able to be right near nightlife and shops, grocery store, etc.

I'm sure there are other areas like south park or latta park something or dilworth or places like that but i really know nothing about the area except a friend said to try to live in uptown to avoid all the traffic. Any ideas and advice?

Also, what else do I need to know about the area or good webpages to find out info and roommates, apt's, attractions, moving guides, etc.? Thanks!
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