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Hi guys, I have just recently purchased my m5 and i was planning to change the headunit.

It is a 2000 m5 so the headunit just needs replacing. It doesn't even show english. (just D,F and I)

i've been trying to search but alot of the people want the OEMs, chinese headunits etc but I don't need the OEM sat nav (as it is not supported in my country anyhow) Replacing it with a new generation Pioneer / Alpine would save me more money than getting OEMs, plus I get to connect, control and even charge my iphone 4 with it. I do understand that the "actual" unit is at the back, and replacing the face will get complications since it would not fit (without some modifications) but I'm all good with that (as per my audio installer)

My question now just remains:

Would there be any issues sensor-wise? (i get to control the celsius, fahrenheit; kilometer, mile option in the headunit) if I change it, would it affect the car in any way? with all the sensors of the m5?

*I apologize for the noob questions specific to euros, this is my first euro and I do not have much idea yet except from reading in this great forum :)
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