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CEO of Wife's company just got an M5..

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Wife came home and said he pulled up in a black one without plates. She said it looks sportier than my car--pang of jealousy of course. However, given the way I drive, I think my sedate white M5 has saved my butt numerous times. I think the evil serious look of a black E39 would get me thrown in jail.

He also has a Porsche, 993 I think. I will have to see if he has kept his Porsche and, if so, how often he drives that vs. the M5.
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Actually, he might be the President. Either way he is one of the big Kahunas. The other one just bought an S500.

Sanmina Corporation.

I guess when all the 30 something guys are buying C5's it is not out of line for the CEO to drive a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of car. It is all relative and I would bet the Porsche TT and M5 are less of a financial strain for these guys than the C5 is for the guy making $75k a year (of course they use stock to buy them).
I do not think these guys look at cars as investments. Believe me, $80k is chump change.
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