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CD CARTRIDGE STUCK hello , just went to load my 6 disc cd cartridge on my 57plate M5 , placed the cartridge in the slot , went to CD on the HI FI nothing happened , apart from what sounded like a disc trying to load , still nothing.... tried to eject the cartridge , now the bl..dy thing will not come out hence no CD tunes , got to take it to BMW i guess ???:mad:
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Yeah, and have them install the Ipod adapter for you. Dont have to worry about choosing your favorite 6 CDs anymore. Plus this situation will never come up for you again.
This happened in my dads bmw while he was away. My mum took it up to the dealership and they said it would cost a few hundred bucks as they had to send it off to a specialist audio company ouich, so mum decided to wait till my dad got home and talk to him about it. When he got home he got a fork and five minutes later it was all fixed, the cd had just slightly dislodged and was blocking it from ejecting.:applause:
I had this same problem on my car recently. The dealer replaced the CD changer and said I had to wait 12 weeks for them to ship the changer back to Germany where they would disassemble it and then ship the cds back to me. I told them they could just keep the 3 cds I had in there since it wasn't worth the trouble.
Give it a light but firm tap next time
Needs a good smack on the dashboard!
Went to the BMW dealer today , they had it out the back in the workshop for about 30min , and it turns out it needs a new CD player under warranty , but they also say they need the M5 a day as they have to re load the whole car on the computer !! Bum
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