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I just bought a 2001 BMW M5. The car has CCFL halos installed, but I don't like them because CCFLs are known to have issues (one of mine is currently burned out, so only three halos are working). I'd like to get rid of them and install LED halos. I am thinking of ordering some "Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes" from Unmitza, but these are not the LED replacement bulbs, but LED rings. I am looking for a company or someone who can professionally install the "Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes", but since the headlights will have to come a part, I cannot do this myself. Either that or I'd like to have the CCFL halos removed and have the headlights work with the stock halos; if this is done, I can easily install some "Umnitza ICE V6" upgrade LED bulbs for the halos. In summary, I'd like to either':

1. Remove the current CCFL halos and install "Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes"
2. Remove the current CCFL halos and restore the headlights to the stock halos.

Does anyone know a company or person in the GTA, Niagara region, or southern Ontario who can do what I want?

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