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When I got my intermitent huge loss of power problem (+missfires +check engine light) diagnosed as O2 sensor (Kentish Town BMW) it solved the problem.

However they took the Cat off (only one I think) and sent it off to be tested as part of the diagnosis, and told me it was on the way out, though useable.

Since I seem to still have power problems I want to start to buget for what I know may become very painful.

I will do the MAF sensors first, and possibly the other O2 sensor, but they (BMW) may be correct about the Cat.

It is strange, no sudden change of character, but sometimes she pulls like a train, and others she genuinly feels like the 285BHP dyno figure that I got on the same day DMC recorded 100 up on that.

I need to chat to those of you at the London meet on Sunday.
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