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Castrol RS-10W60 Source??

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Is the oil for our M5's available only from BMW?? Can't find it in any auto parts store. Even has no information on it. If not for the sticker under my hood, it would seem this oil doesn't exist at all. Anywhere. If someone has a source for it, please share. Perhaps we could buy a few cases, and divy it up amongst ourselves??
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In the UK it is freely available at most motor stores but very expensive (45 USD for 4 litres in Halfords). Anybody in the UK found it any cheaper? How much do BMW charge as I might supply my own when I have a service. What price do you pay in rest of Europe? Perhaps this could be a business opportunity to set up distribution to M5 owners in the US!!
I pay 22 CHF one liter (Switzerland), that is 15 USD, at my dealer, so 60 USD for four liters !
I paid my BMW dealer hfl 26,- for a litre CASTROL RS10W60 at the recent Inpection II.

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To be clear, hfl 26,- is about USD 12.

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I just bought 3 quarts in Los Angeles at $8.95 per quart.
Where in LA did you get it? From the dealership? The dealership here in San Diego charges me $11.50/liter.

It shouldn't be more than $8.95 per liter. $11.5 is a major rip-off.
So $8.95 ISN'T a rip off???
I paid $8.95 at Center BMW in Van Nuys. Their phone number is 818-907-9995.
I paid $8.50 a litre at Shelly BMW in Buena Park, California, where I bought the car. I was told list price is $11.50 a litre.

Thursday I was quoted $14.50 a litre, less a 10% BMW Car Club discount, at VOB BMW in Rockville, Maryland! Ever hear of the software program called ADM? It stands for "additional dealer markup." Ask your friendly BMW parts department if they use it.
I guess $8.95 is also a rip-off since it's only $8.50 at Shelly BMW.
I guess $8.95 is a rip-off since it's only $8.50 at Shelly BMW.
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