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Castrol RS 10-60 via mail order to the U.S.?

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I was wondering if anybody in Europe know of a good website to visit that is selling Castrol RS oil. I have found out that it is unavaliable here in the U.S. except through a BMW dealer. Perhaps I could buy it from a mail order place in Europe and they could send it overseas.

Then again, with shipping costs, I might just bewaisting time and money doing it that way.

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I use a company called Nielsen Distribution who are cheaper than Opie Oils by quite a margin.

Nielsen CDG - Discount Motor Oils, Wipers, Car Care

"For orders with a delivery address other than within the UK, the cost of carriage will be calculated on the weight of the entire order.Please contact us for a Quotation 01792 818414"
i'd say it's going to be significantly cheaper to buy tws at your local dealership (about $10-12 per liter). (is RS 10/60 still available? I thought tws was its replacement)
I've never found it anywhere cheaper than Tischer(
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