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Brand New, you can do much more than a peake tool. You may read live data, read/erase/reset codes, reset service intervals/oil and airbag lights and much more!

- Works for 3/5/7-series including M, z3/z4, X5/X3 and others!


Any questions feel free to ask.

$140 SHIPPED !

OR check it on Ebay:

More info:

All BMW Vehicle Types from 1988 to 2005

- READ AND ERASE Error codes of various systems like DME, ABS, AIRBAGS, EGS, etc

- RESET Service indicator light

- RESET Adaptation values of DME and EGS (Automatic Transmission)

- PROGRAM features like auto-doors lock on driving, selective locking

- READ live data from DME / DDE / EGS

- SYNCHRONIZE EWS and DME in case of a malfunction

- WORKS on E30/E31/E32/E34, E36/E39/E38/Z-3/Z-8, E46/E53 series
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I bought this set up and still havent been able to get it to interface with the car.

Almost a month later I see this....

Ryan, if you haven't already, only use the diagnostic connector under the hood-the port under the dash won't work on a MY2000. I had the same issue with mine, then plugged it in under the hood and it works perfectly.
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