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I got a custom front bumper done for my car, picture and link attached. The bumper( issue im running into now, is that I don't know how to get a front lip that will fit it. I'm looking for Vorsteiner style, I really like the winglet look. Anyone seen anything or have any advice for this? Because I don't know if a regular e63 style will fit, qnd also don't know if this is a true replica of the new M6.
Sidenote, the bumper looks amazing, but it was like a completely custom installed job. It did not fit, at all! I highly recommend against it, it hurt my bank account, big time!

I am looking for a carbon rear diffuser. I like the new M6 models that go flat under the exhaust, yet can't seem to find something like that for the M6, anything out there like that? Thanks. Screenshot_20200705-172729_Chrome.jpg look i want for the rear diffuser.

The custom front bumper.


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