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Carbon exterior parts

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I really tried not to ask this and searched and clicked on many pics to see if i can actually see the Carbon parts offered on the car. Or nice pic shot of them. Anyone has these parts, grill, side grill, lower lip etc....please post pics? On a space grey car would be nice but any color will do. Finding that Jlevistreetwerks site wasn't a good thing. All that eye candy.

There are so many nice moded rides here......makes my head hurt. I'm trying not to mod the car, too much. Or to quick, I hope.
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Glad to hear you like our site :D

The best example of carbon parts for this car is the Vorsteiner E60 M5 which has the carbon front add on splitters, rear decklid, rear diffuser and vented race hood (available this summer). There are also a number of little parts you can do like front grills, side gills and roundels to complete the look.


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Thanks for the pic. I don't think I'm feeling the Carbon too much. Maybe on the sides. I think I will go color matched. The CF over the wood on the interior. Alls I know is I need to start ordered stuff, anything, something, help....:biggrin: I'm having mod withdrawal.
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