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Hello f10/f06/f12/f13 M5/M6 CCB owners!!!

I am currently working with Warren from RacingBrake on an iron rotor conversion for my carbon ceramic brakes. Our current rotors are pretty damn thin (24mm!!). This upgrade will replace our stock CC rotors with 28mm thick iron rotors and new, larger brake pads.

There are currently no CCB swap for our cars on the market right now!!

This is from Warren - "Here are two example of rear rotor kits that are made to 390x28 rotors for the prospective F10 M5 rear upgrade from OE's 396x24:

Telsa Model S Plaid Rear BBK (OE caliper kit) - M5/6 will be similar to this set up
Save 10% on OE Caliper BBK (410/390) for Tesla S Plaid Front and Rear (P/N 2681 & 2643)

Required components for F10/f06/f12/f13 rear retrofit upgrade kit to F90.
F90 Rear calipers x 2 (BMW)
Custom caliper brackets x 2 (RB)
Custom 390x28 2 pc rear rotors (RB)
Minimum run 20 kits (40 rotors)
We can also include the rear calipers (new from BMW dealership) and brake pads (street and track).

Price should be around the kits above. Leadtime 12-16 weeks after 20 pre-orders w/ 30% deposit received.

Some info on RacingBrake if you don't already know:

They have been around since 1985 supplying quality parts to major distributors in North America and has earned a reputation in the industry, Their major customer base is currently Porsche track enthusiasts as they make the Carbon Ceramic conversion for the 911s.

They also make some BMW brake kits but they like the rest of the market, do not have a carbon ceramic conversion for our f06/f12/f13 m6!!

Warren over there is the owner there, I spent about an hour talking to him and he said if I could gather enough interest, they would move forward in the development process.

RacingBrake uses rigid material specifications, manufacturing standards, and extensive test and inspection procedures.

Let me know, I want to be able to beat my brakes up on the track without spending 10's of thousands of dollars!!!
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