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Carbon Black no longer offered ?

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Just toying with the M5 individual configurator, I noticed that carbon black is no longer offered. Instead, a new color (new name ?) Opal black metallic is added.

It seems to me that its very similar to carbon black. Any clarifications ?

BTW, another new color, Ruby Black, is brilliant.

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I really want a Ruby Black one

Some Ruby black from Geneva

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This was interesting. They seem to change to Individual colours for the M5 quite often. Very interestign that they removed the "favourite" for the E39 M5 Carbon Black?

Here is the offerign before:

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Ruby Black is a 6 & 7 series Individual colour, there is no reason why it cannot be specified for the M5 (provided you are willing to pay the price).

Carbonblack (colour code 416) is a stock (non-Individual) colour for the 530d & 535d so again it is a current colour and therefore available through Individual for the M5.

It is interesting though if they have removed Carbon from the list of "packaged Individual" colours - perhaps the demand is outstripping supply, or perhaps they just want to push Sapphire Black ??????
i think it is unacceptable to charge it extra as an individual color when it is a common non-individual color for the other 5's.
If they could make it a standard colour on the E46 M3, why can't they do it for the M5?

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I like Orient Blue.... This is it on an Individual E46 M3. I think it'd look awesome on an E60 M5

Paint code is 317
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