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Car sold - heads up on a few parts that need to be cleared...

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The Old girl finally went to a new home a few weeks back after 4.5 years of happy ownership. I'm slowly bonding with the B10 Alpina that has replaced her, and the Integrale and E30 M3 have even been seeing a few more miles as well (one of the reasons for selling the just did everything sooooo well I never used the other two......) so partly because a few quid would come in handy as I'm currently out of contract, and partly because I don't want to be tempted to get another one (not yet anyway), I thought I may as well move on the few spares I've accumulated.

Mods - I understand the issue about sales post on the main forum body, but as I'm an infrequent forum user, don't have enough posts to send PMs (only receive them) and on the basis that I hope it would be preferred that the bits went to forum users rather than vultures on E-Bay......that you'll let this post stand.....

This is a heads up only - so if your interested, please e-mail me directly or even simpler, give me a call..

e-mail is [email protected]
tel. no. is 07832 244100

In no particular order:-

1 x matched pair of rear edc shocks from a later 6 speed 1995 car (i.e. with the better/improved seal design) - circa 80K miles on them - complete with springs and top mounts (assume the top mounts need changing)

1 x random rear edc shock only - not sure if it's left or right (or if that matters) but can check part number - brought from infinicar a couple of years back so was cleaned and tested beforehand.

1 x pair of 3.8 exhaust manifolds (again from a later 1995 car, 80K miles) - solid and crack free in the main last time I inspected them - flexi section has been welded previously though, but can supply a detailed description and pics if anyone is interested.

1 x servotronic steering box (again from a late 1995 car with circa 80K miles on it).

1 x 3.8 Exhaust Cat section from the same late car i.e. 80k miles on it

1 x EDC ECU (3.8 obviously, again from the same late 1995 car if that matters)

2 x sets of correct BNIB Bosch (Y somethings??) spark plugs for the 3.8

1 x unopened 4 litre bottle of Castrol M-power specific 10-60 oil

1 x set of clear front indicator lights (look new?)

1 x set of BNIB pitman/lower control arms (lemforder brand I think, so not BMW branded)

1 x set of interior switchs which include the 3 switch aircon/recirc/heated screen cluster, the fog-light switchs, the front lights with dimmer for the dash and also an EDC switch (with front light switch next to it from memory - the rarest bit I guess) - could split these if required, would prefer to sell as a lot.

I will be digging through the garage at the weekend, so can supply some pics directly to any interested parties then, and may well trip across a few bits I'd forgotten

In the meantime, if there is any interest, please let me know directly otherwise I'll simply dump the lot on E-bay in the next week/10 days once it's all sorted out.

Shipping should be do-able on most of it if required (Cat section might be tricky to package)....I am based in North Hampshire with some of the smaller bits, most of the larger bits are in the parents garage in Farnborough/Camberley area, but I can easily transport stuff between the two if you wanted to view/collect

With Thanks and Best Regards,

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Thanks for all the enquiries thus far, and apologies for those I have promised pics too, but haven't yet sent any - I will get them finished off tomorrow and e-mailed off to the relevant parties.

I have some "prices" in mind now for all the items also.

Some decent interest in most of the larger bits, but still open to offers on the smaller items, and would just prefer them sold to someone who will use them rather than faff about with e-bay.

As before, please call or e-mail me directly if your interested in anything.

Best Regards,


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Now (finally) have pics of everything if required....

Matched pair of rear EDC's + springs on hold pending funds,

All other parts still currently available

Also found,

1 x genuine Hella Off-side front fog light

1 x genuine BMW fuel tank sender unit

Will probably list the lot on E-Bay on Sunday if no firm offers are received.

Thanks and Regards,


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Update -

Matched pair of Rear EDC's - sold

Lower Arms and 1 x set of spark plugs - sold

Servotronic box - sold


With Best Regards,

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