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If any of you are in So Cal this Saturday, come on down to AMS. I will be there with my M5 probably around 12pm. It would be cool to see other M5's there. I was signed up for the car show, but I can't make it in the morning, but I spoke to one of the guys and he said he is going to try to save some space for my car in front. I was thinking of possibly setting up a dyno day here sometime in the future.

Advanced Motorsport Solutions, is pleased to announce the arrival of our new MAHA LPS 3000 All Wheel Drive Dynamometer (imported special from Germany). A dyno so highly regarded that it is the only dyno used by major manufacturers such as: Audi ,Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, ..etc. In fact Audi/VW consider the MAHA such an integral part of working with their vehicles, that they have listed it with a factory tool number and you can purchase it directly from them if you so wish.

For those unfamiliar with dynamometers, there are two basic types of dyno's:

The first being the Engine Stand dyno, which requires bolting a complete engine to a horizontal engine stand and measuring how much resistance it can overcome or how much work (measured in torque or horsepower) it can produce. While this is the most exact measurement possible, it means removing the engine from the vehicle and after testing, reinstalling it again. Obviously the downtime and expense do not make this a practical option for most owners.

The advantages are the engine is being tested in a controlled environment and there are no driveline loses to compensate for in calculating the engines output. However, for development work where many options are to be tested before the engine goes into the vehicle, it can be an invaluable tool.

The second type of dyno is a chassis dyno, which merely requires driving the vehicle onto the rollers and strapping the vehicle down, so it doesn't run off the dyno, and then measuring the amount of resistance/work it can overcome.

There are 2 main obstacles when using a chassis dyno, the first is airflow. Most fans used on chassis dynamometers are taken from
contractor suppliers and struggle to simulate a 10-20 MPH road speed, which is equivalent to your doctor asking you to submit to a fitness test while in a sauna. Needless to say, your score will be low. The MAHA approved custom built,"AIR 8" fan on the AMS MAHA dyno, flows over 80,000 CFM (cubic feet/minute) or a road speed of 60-70 MPH!

The second obstacle, is that most dyno's only measure "wheel horsepower" - that is the power that isn't sapped away by everything
located after the clutch (transmission, differentials, driveshaft, axles, even the wheels and tires themselves!). And since wheel
horsepower readings are dependent on the temperature of your transmission and differential oils (cold oil is like molasses and warm is like water..warm oil eats less power) and tire temperature (cold tires offer less resistance than warm sticky tires) so driveline loss can be inconsistant or as an expert refered to it as a moving target !

Many people simply add back a "guesstimate" of the parasitic drag of these components anywhere from 10-20% for FWD or RWD cars and 25-40% for AWD or 4WD cars. The final numbers are only as accurate as the tuner's best guess.

AMS and many OE manufactures have felt that was an unacceptable platform to tune a vehicle from and went in search of something more precise and reliable.

The result of our search was the MAHA LPS 3000.
The inherent beauty of a dyno system like the MAHA LPS 3000, is that after it has measured the wheel horsepower, it measures the resistance of the entire drive train from the clutch to the tires So instead of dynoing a vehicle with a reported 200HP and measuring only 150HP at the wheel, and ASSUMING that 50HP was eaten up by the drag of the drivetrain and wheels The LPS 3000 actually measures the drag loss during the coast down phase. In fact, if the drag loss is only 30 HP, you know beyond a "guesstimate" that your engine only made 180HP, or if the drag was 50HP, you will know EXACTLY how much power your vehicle is really making. However, with a drag measurement you can rest assured that you have isolated ONLY the Engine's HP and not the engine's power minus an unknown amount of drag. The system also corrects for enviromental conditions.

Thus far every stock production car that AMS has tested from Audi, VW and Porsche has dyno'ed within 0-5 HP of the factory crank Horsepower claim. It's that accurate!

We invite all European car enthusiasts to visit our facility and make use of this amazingly accurate tool to make your vehicle the best it can be!

Testing Rates include: 3 Runs, tie down, preparation, and printouts.
Front Wheel Drive: $150.00
Rear Wheel Drive: $175.00
All Wheel Drive: $200.00
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