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So I just ran into an issue with my car stalling at idle randomly and pretty frequently.

I thought the issue was my pedal position sensor as it's been throwing codes and EFP intermittently (happened 6 months ago,and then would comeback).

In any case, I had my pedal sensor replaced today and all was well for like 10 miles and then it started happening again.

It's a very strange kind of stalling, like somebody just shuts the car off. There's no bogging or hesitation or RPM hunting. Whenever I shift into neutral or just let the revs drop with clutch in,it just goes below 500rpm and shuts off....sometimes I don't even realize it until I notice I lost power steering and brakes!! Dangerous as well as annoying.

Any ideas? I don't think its the MAF sensors because I just replaced those less than 100 miles ago...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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