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Hi All,

A while back I purchased a used steering wheel from a member on this forum whom I do not wish to completely fault and will not state who, but it was advertised as just needed to be rewrapped (which I did).

Long story short. The metal frame piece in it ended up being bent. (This is the component where the airbag *clicks* into and has spring retaining clips). I couldn't get the airbag to install. Well I told him this and he did his due diligence and mailed me another used piece (he is genuinely a good guy, and don't think he meant to cause this frustration)

I removed it and bent it back into shape. The locking springs were now moving freely and the airbag clicked in, but there was the horrible gap that I've never seen on the facelift steering wheel between the hole where the airbag rests and the frame. I dealt with this, and my rewrap job was okay. I found a good deal on a professionally rewrapped/refurbished wheel (thing looks brand new) and I purchased it.

Well now, I've tried about 5 times over the course of the last month, but the springs inside the wheel are stuck and I cannot for the life of me get this airbag out. I'm getting to the point of going to a body shop to see if they'll be able to do something I'm not.

Does anybody have recommendations on how I can maximize the amount of leverage? I even though about spraying penetrating fluid in there I've already cut open the holes where a flat head (out of frustration) would go into with a razor since I thought I kept missing the spring (not the case).
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