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Though the label on the inner side of the gas lid says "min 93 Octane" there is a relatively limited number of stations here where we can get above 91 Octane. The main options from the major brands are Shell 91 Octane (no ethanol) or Esso 93 (which contains some ethanol) or Sunoco 94 (which contains 10% ethanol) - sold through Petro Canada.

On my previous stage 4 Dinan E39 540i I found that Shell 91 not only burned the cleanest (likely due to no ethanol plus whatever Nitrogen enriched cleaning system it runs) it also gave me better gas mileage (again likely due to no ethanol). That motor was at 529K kms before I sold the car with the motor still perfect!

I am wondering which would be best on the F10 M5... on the E39 540i I assume that recommended Octane level to run was 91 (I don't recall now) so of the various options the 91 performed the best. On the M5 which recommends 93 am I better off to run a 93 or 94 that contains ethanol (which just burns off and I am assuming not as clean as Shell V-Power 91) or would running Shell 91 decrease any sort of performance given the lower Octane level?

Has anyone done any research on this or had any experience on their own F10s?
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