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Can you special order an exterior color on M5?

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I have had a car on order for many months and the dealer is now finalizing the order info as the build will take place about end Sept. I really wanted a deep blue car but couldn't live with the Avus Blue (too "electric" for me). I hear the Lemans blue is about the same.
Anyway, there are one or two blues in the 3 Series that I like alot and I have asked the dealer to see if I can special order one of those colors. Extra time and $ would be OK. They assure me that after "three calls to corporate" they are certain a special order cannot be done for paint.
I've never found a dealer who really knew their product inside out and would go out of their way to assure that my question is definitely getting a complete and accurate answer. My suspicion grew when I read below, in a posting by "Kuh", that he/she has,in fact, special ordered a color. Can any of you help clear this up for me? Just what is the deal on special colors? If it can be done, then how?
Also, what else is different option-wise for the 2001's? They didn't tell me that there were any new radio options and I have read here that there are!! The only "new" info that the dealer knew was that for interior choices, in 2001, it was Sportive (aluminun look) or Exclusive (wood). There were no longer choices re: extented leather, etc. I wanted the wood with the sunshades and now they say it cannot be done! Another frustration.
Help guys! I must finalize the specs on this car on Tues. Thanks, in advance, for any useful info you can share. daveG
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I met someone recently who ordered a M5 from Lauderdale Imports. He special ordered the M3 Dakar yellow color for 900.00. He said he was told that you could have any M color you wanted.

I understand your frustration, my dealer was completely lame too.

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Unfortunately, BMW NA doesnt offer the Individual program here in the US. He can, however, order any standard BMW color with a maximum price of $2400 over (if I remember correctly).

I would haggle your dealer to find out, or even call around to some others and ask them. If they know, ask them to give your dealer a call.

This topic was covered a while back on the messageboard. I was unable to get a special color on my MY 2000 M5. The official line from BMW NA was that no special paint color could be ordered for the MY 2000 M5 nor for the MY 2000 X5. That's what I have been told by several dealers and what got confirmed by BMW NA when I called them to check. Strange but true, given that you can do it on any other 5 series. Some people say that exceptions were made, but I have not yet seen any evidence (picture) of it. I don't know if BMW NA has changed their policy for MY 2001.
Don't know about exteriors, but I do know of someone (from this and/or other MBs) who got Caramel interior with Titanium exterior.
Thanks Cyril for the info on paint special orders. Though there is some conflicting info here, you seem to sound fairly certain of what you're talking about. I guess all I need do is find if the policy is changed for 2001. Thanks to all for any input. dave g
Dave, you can get your M5 in any color you might dream of, you just have to go through BMW Individual, look at, there is a section called individual. To my knowledge you can order any standard color of the other series plus all the special individual colors. You also have the possibility to order a special matching leather color. It will cost you exstra, I don´t know how much, and you will have to wait for it, perhaps 3-5 month exstra.

One problem however, you could be to close to production date now, so perhaps it is to late to specify via Individual. You could contact Individual directly telling them production week of your M5 and ask them, if your dealer is no good.


M5 04/00 carbon/caramel
M3 3,2 cab. oxford/modena (individual)
Just thought you should know that Carbon Black Metallic is really a very dark blue metallic. You should be able to find a photo of one or a "live" example, as it is the most popular M5 color in the U.S.
For what it's worth, my dealer told me in very clear terms that I could order any color I wanted for my M5. (Keith Kruser ((unbelievale name for a car salesman, no?))at Pacific BMW in Glendale, CA.) He told me that such a request would first be greeted with "No," from BMW NA, but that, with peristance, it could be done. The salesman claimed to have accomplished it many times.

If you're going to spend what one of these things costs, you should have the color you want...and according to Pacific BMW this can be done.

BTW, I didn't pursue it and got... Jet Black.

Originally posted by bobafett:
Why would you get anything OTHER than jet black?

Becaus Carbon "Black" looks better

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I'm still in the process of ordering my 2001 M5 as well. A couple weeks ago I told my dealer I wanted the steel blue exterior (from the 3-series) and all gray seats interior like my '99 540i. He said he'd have to fax the request to BMW Germany for permission. He made it sound like somebody in Germany decides whether a particular color request is acceptable on an M5. He came back a few days later to tell me that they had accepted the steel blue exterior for $2400 and 4-6 weeks extra. He said they told him they would have to take it to a different facility to paint it. But that they refused to consider any alterations with the interior. I basically have to stick to standard interior choices. Hope this helps and good luck!

Ohh so you guys too are looking for extra colors for M5 right, some of our customers have went through the same thing here, have any of you seen a Yellow M5 before, well that is what we ended up doing, it looked so good and rare that one of the Motor shows in the region requested that we display it there. I would be glad to send you pics of it if you want.
Sure, I only have 3 pics only at the moment and they were shot at the motor show.
If you look carefully at the gearbox you will notice that it has the Auto trans sticker on, we did that to fool some of the people at the motor show to think that there is an Automatic M5, when we finally got alot of comments on it we revealed that it was just a stick on Auto trans sticker. Got alot of laughes out of it though.
ALEX!! please send me the pics too... am interested in yellow M5 to purchase mabey


[email protected]

I got your e-mail, but the pics didn't turn out... something was wrong with the link, I think. Anyways, if you could resend it, I would greatly appreciate it.
Just to make sure it isn't yahoo, could you send it to both addresses? Thanks again in advance:
[email protected], [email protected]
It might help if you shorten the name of the files too. These web-based mail servers get so screwed up sometimes.
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