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I have been trying to record a drive cycle on my car since I had the car recall reflashed and then PC93'd (+CBU add on). I have no drive cycles recorded with over 500 miles put on the car since the recall/new PC software. Since I live in the city, it's hard to not violate the parameters in a drive cycle process(idle 2:10, 20-30mph 3:15 etc). My question is if you can put the car on jack stands, hit the DSC off and complete drive cycle process? I tried it this morning but my autoenginuity program still indicated no drive cycle complete. I did throw 3 codes for the speeds sensors going nuts. What fuse do I pull to stop the sensors from acting up? I read somewhere that you can do this for dyno testing.

Any help would be great!

2000 M5 70K miles
PC 93
CBU masked
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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