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I purchased something online from an art dealer and paid using a credit card. Anyway, I received the invoice and everything seemed great. However, a rep from the company called and said that I owed an additional $350 b/c they were increasing the price. I told him that that was illegal and I purchased something at their advertised price and received an invoice and it was a contract so he said he cancelled my order.

Anyway, what options do I have? I wanted to purchase 4 prints for $100 something dollars at but now they want $400 something dollars even though I had already placed my order. After they called me and I said it was illegal, they took the item off their website and now it is there but says it is no longer available for purchase.

They are based in Austin, Texas so I figured I could pursue BBB in Austin and do an online complaint to the Attorney General in Texas, but all I want is those framed prints for the price I purchased them for. There isn't anywhere else that I can find them mounted and framed like that for a reasonable price.

Can someone look up their domain/company info and tell me their contact info/CEO/etc. besides just the 1888 number on their website? Does anyone know of my options or what I can do? Maybe someone knows the actual law or statute for them changing the price on me after I purchased something? Or is it a price mistake and they are allowed to ask me to pay $350 more for something I ordered or cancel my order like that? I would appreciate any advice or help on this matter - I don't know whether to call them back, just do the online complaint form, or what.

(the company is, the product is, Texas AG's office is, the state law library which has consumer protection codes is, and there is most likely a consumer protection information site with statutes and laws) Thanks!
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