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Can of worms - time for action on oil loss

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Hmm. I removed the thermostat housing, and whilst I was in there I thought it would be a good idea to change the oil separators and hoses.

Some of you may remember that I have high oil consumption, and have noticed a leaky valve cover bolt or gasket (see and

After I took the oil separators off, I could see further on top of the engine. I know you guys said I couldn't be losing much there, but it looked /very/ wet to me. I can't let this slide without further investigation.

My plan for tomorrow is therefore:
o Remove the plenum
o Take photos of oil leaks and post them for your comments
o Clean it up and bolt back together (so I can see over the coming weeks, if the leaks are current).

Do you reckon that's a good plan? Is there anything I should look at with the plenum off, apart from the valve cover gaskets and bolt washers? I don't really want to jack the car up this week - how important is it that I remove the under-car shields and see where it's landing?
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Update - I have taken the plenum off, so I can now see down into the V. It's pretty oily down there - I can't wait to take some pictures for your expert opinions! :haha:

I think I could get a better look at the valve cover gaskets, if I removed the two throttle body seals, which appear to be held on by eight large jubilee clips. Is there anything I should be aware of or should they just pop off? For reference, I mean parts 8 and 9 at
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