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Cambridge, UK owners

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We seem to have quite a few M5 owners in or around Cambridge.

How about an informal meet for a beer to share views etc on car.

Brian, you can tell me how to program my keys.


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Hi Steve,

Im up for a beer, are you north south east or west Cambs.
My local is the Four Horseshoes at Madingley just off Jnc 13 M11.

You will have to get Scothall to program your key as it is done on the service diagnostic machine.
I will scan and post the option sheet for you when I get home.


I am up for a meet!, I live on the North Herts/South Cambridge Border, but am happy to meet up anywhere within reason.

Its a sort of (poor) "IN" joke. It is the Three Horseshoes but we increased the number in line with their prices.

I'm always on for a beer and it would be nice to see some other M5s. I live just off junction 9 of the M11 on the north Essex / south Cambridge border. There's a couple of pubs in our village, but the bitter isn't much good in either. I'm around most evenings from about 8:00. Weekends tend to be a little more busy, but with a bit of advance planning there shouldn't be a problem (though lunchtime or afternoon would be better if it's going to be a weekend).

As a matter of interest, what's everyone got. Mine's LeMans Blue with full leather Silverstone sportive interior. So far I've seen Avus Blue (which I test drove last November) and Silverstone (at the London motor show last year and in the Luton Airport carpark on the morning we flew out to pick mine up). I'd quite like to see LeMans Blue next to Avus Blue to see what the difference really is.

Yeh count me in, jnc 9 is about as far as I like to go on the M11. Essex plod have funny ideas about 150 plus supercars they are still looking for me in my NSX.
there is a really nice pub at Duxford (jnc 10)

My car is Silverstone with black sportive interior. with a TV that doesn,t work on the move.

Brian R
Let's go for the pub at Duxford. What's it' name, and is in the village?

reply to say which evening after 8pm is OK next week.

Phil, my car is Carbon Black with Silverstone so no Avus blue comparison here.

I am okay for any night next week after 8:00pm, which pub in Duxford?


Le Mans Blue/ Silver stone
Duxford Lodge Hotel. off the M-11 jnc 9 head east (away from the air museum), first right to Duxford village. 1.5 miles, straight on at junction for 25 yards, Pub on left. Good car park with cctv security. Mine,s a half. Any night except Monday.
Brian R
How about this Wednesday at 8.30pm??
I thought Duxford Lodge Hotel was a restaurant/hotel. I went to the restaurant there a couple of years back and it was pretty good, but I can't remember if there was a bar (probably is since it's also a hotel). The restaurant is very popular (and fairly expensive) and you need to book two or three weeks in advance if you're not staying in the hotel (on Friday or Saturday anyway). However if you turn left at the T junction in Duxford Village and go about 100 yards, there's a pub on the left called The John Barleycorn (I think). I've been there a couple of times and I don't remember anything bad about it.

The Tickle Arms in Whittlesford is a similar distance from Junction 10 and is fairly good (though a little odd). There are also a couple of pubs in Great Chesterford (The Plough is the best one by far) that are about half a mile from Junction 9. You can't get off the M11 at junction 9 going south, but the journey from Junction 10 is only three or four miles.

I can't make it Tuesday or Wednesday this week, so how about Thursday 8.00-8.30pm instead.

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Thursday's okay for me, which Pub is it to be ?

Thursday is OK with me too.

Phil, why don't you pick pub as you seem to know a few in this area.

The John Barleycorn (I'm pretty certain that's what it's called) in Duxford is probably one of the easiest pubs in the area to find from junction 10. However I haven't been there in ages, so I can't remember if it's any good, but I can't remember anything very bad about it either. Unless anyone else has any strong opinions to the contrary, why don't we meet up here.

Take junction 10 off the M11, go east (opposite direction to the Imperial War Museum) along the A505 for a couple of hundred yards and take the first right. Follow the road into Duxford for about a mile until you stop at a T-junction (on a corner so you can go left or straight on) and turn left. Follow the road for a bit and the pub is on the left hand side. Once you're off the M11 there aren't any speed cameras. Also there's not much car crime in the villages around here and I think the beer garden over looks the car park anyway.

will see you there on Thursday?

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