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C6 Supertest

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I don't know if it's of any interest here on the m6board, but since the C6 is competitive to the M6, I'd like to share the results of the C6 Supertest.

- First and foremost, the 4,1 s 0-100 km/h time the C6 is supposed to do is nothing more than a delusion! Sport Auto tested 2 C6s and they did 5,2 s and 5,4 s, respectively.

- Nervous road behaviour at high speeds because of a strong buoyancy of 54 kg (front axle) and 28 kg (rear axle) at 200 km/h.

- Shifting gears is hard work.

- Poorly done spring-/damper system that makes the back of the C6 swing off when driving on rutted roads at high speeds.

- Despite of its simplicity the V8 engine is greatly appealing and likable.

- The C6 didn't live up to their expectations but it is no disappointment at all.

- Nordschleife: 8.15 min, Hockenheim: 1.14,8 min.


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