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Hi all

Sorry i am new to this website.

Im looking into buying my first BMW M5 (E60) can someone please provide my somea dvice on what i should be looking out for

I have spoken to a few friends etc and general internet search and been advised to check the following: -

  • Clutch / gearbox replacement
  • Rear suspension
  • Vanos
Can you please help advising how i check these?

Also if you know of any company that will carry out these check for me and give some kind of warranty.

I know BMW carry out a AVC check fro £280 + VAT. Is this worth carrying out. Any feedback on this will be much appreciated.

Any thought what i should look out for when viewing the car and on a test drive.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Please reply or email me on [email protected] (is this allowed - sorry like i said my first time posting on here)

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