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Morning gentlemen,

I have a question regarding the front and rear bumper trim strips for an E34 M5 Touring. We recently ordered replacements from BMW Classic as the ones on the car were worn and they have now arrived in our workshops. Regrettably, they're a different finish from those on the car - the originals were a black, glossy rubberised finish, whilst the new ones much more 'plasticky' in appearance.

Assuming these trims weren't specific to an M5 and were a standard item on all E34's, the only explanation I can arrive at was that the material used for these parts has changed over the years - would that be a sensible conclusion?

Does anyone have any view on whether I can obtain these trims from anywhere else that will more closely match the originals, or am I going to have to replace all the trims, so they match the corners that we've purchased.

Any views would be most welcome!

Regards from England.

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