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Built Engine

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Has anyone on the board done a rebuild of an E46 M3? I am currently replacing the intake/exhaust systems on mine, and will eventually go either F/I or build a motor. I am a big fan of N/A engines, and was looking at the VAC Motorsports billet crank, arrow con rods, CP forged pistons and then using the D/A rebuilt head. Basically making it a 3.4l or so (i have failed to calculate the actual displacement with the new crank). I have read about some of the build engines (Racing Dynamics, BHS, Kelleners, Evosport, D/A) but have some interest in building it. I work for a company who's main business is engine repair/rebuilding (albeit 15L+ diesels).

Just curious about everyone's thoughts. I know that the F/I is more cost effective.



Going to go with a fully build enginen from Chuck Stickley, but will wait until the fall before doing. In the meantime, adding CSL style CF intake manifold, aFE CAI, Euro headers, Random Tech Cats, Rogue Rasp-x midpipe, Dinan exhaust and Conforti software.

Then in the winter, a build 3.2L and Electromotive Tec3 engine management. Should be fun.