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Broken Navigation, and BMW warranty

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the M5 im interested in buying.
has a broken Navigation. It doesn't work.

according to the owner, the CPO warranty/maintence
doesn't cover the Navigation system. Cost 2.5k to fix
at the dealership..

Is the above infact true???
Why wouldn't a warranty cover a electronic device??:grrrr:

anyone know if there is a easy fix, or what could be wrong with it.

thanks again.
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Nav is not covered under the CPO agreement with BMW, as well as stereo and all other electronics. You can go to BMWUSA and see what is covered under the CPO agreement.:flag:
I had this same problem - CPO excludes NAV, telephone, etc. I found that the easiest was to look on the boards - RoadFly, M5Board, eBay. I ended up finding a replacement NAV MKII unit for $160. I bought it, plugged it in and that was it. It took 2 minutes to replace the trunk unit.

First thing to do is to check the wiring. If not loose, start looking around. I found that MKII/III units were going from $100-$300 depending on seller. NAV MKIV units seem to go for $400-$800 or more depending on seller.

Good luck. I think that CPO is really more of a gross failure/drivetrain type of warranty now. Take a look at the CPO Warranty Details.
Thanks fellas..

Hey $100 up to $800 to fix.. Sound very very reasonable..
but Lord have mercy $2500?? Hell I would just buy some Maps. haha

Does broken Navigation effect other functions that the Nav screen does??
IE Radio and etc??
I can say that, yes, in my case the broken nav did a few things. First it caused the Nav screen to be scrambled, like an old TV with bad vertical hold. I could not turn the screen off, so that was very annoying. Second, it interfered with the radio and CD changer. I could play for a bit and then it would just shut itself off. Every three minutes - off - I could not take it anymore on an LA commute. So I found the MKII with hopes that I will upgrade to the 16:9 screen and MKIV if anyone puts a group buy together again.
That sucks..

So a broken navigation messes up the radio and CD functions??

And you can't turn off the screen??
I can imagine how annoying a fuzzy screen can be.

So if you power the whole thing off like (cuttingthe power line)
do you lose the radio and etc???

Look into any other types of fixes, IE software upgrade and etc??
other than replacing the whole thing??

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What are the sympotms of this particular broken nav??

The nav unit has a combined function- it effectively drives the video display and helps route all audio (radio, cd, etc)... if just the gps/nav portion of the unit is bad, and all other functions are OK, then no problem- live without the nav....

If the unit is just not navigating, I'd look at (1) the drive in the nav preventing map reading or (2) the gps antenna providing no signal.

What year is the car? The CD based navs are very cheap on ebay (everyone wants a DVD based Mark 4 nav...)

I don't really know the exact problem with the navigation.
He just say that the Navigation is broke, doesn't work.

I would have to ask if it only effecting the NAV or radio and everything else.

So if you guys were to try to fix it.. would you go thru the trouble of getting
the same kind thats in there? which is cheap.. Or upgrade which undoubtly
be alot more pricey.

So im assuming that the early Navigation systems are junk and problematic..
Darn Germans.. couldn't they just source it out to a Jap co??

And I thought the M5 was a 01 but I think its a 2000.
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E39 MFIVE said:
And I thought the M5 was a 01 but I think its a 2000.
Do a searh here on 2000 vs 2001... probably the most dramatic changes in the E39 M5.

I am not sure what year the widescreen display was installed, but if it has that, you can upgrade to the DVD nav (with new maps this year and faster processor) for $750-1000. I would, but then again that's why I bought the 2003.

ard said:
Do a searh here on 2000 vs 2001... probably the most dramatic changes in the E39 M5.

I am not sure what year the widescreen display was installed
Lots of changes, including widescreen 16x9 in 2001...
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