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I just wanted to post my experience with getting a drivers side window replaced as it might help others in the future.

About three months ago my drivers side window was broken and a Valentine one was stolen. My insurance company referred me to a company to fix it, when they replaced the window they had to take the door apart to remove the broken glass and cracked the outer molding on the window switch cluster. They also screwed up a bunch of other stuff but that is another matter. They didn't mention anything about the switch when I picked up the car and didn't notice it until I was home, immediately took the car back and they claimed it was like that previously. After talking to a supervisor they agreed they did it and replaced the switch.

I took my car to the dealership for the scheduled maintenance and wanted them to remove some glass from the door that the other company left. When the BMW dealership removed the switch they broke it in exactly the same manner as the other place.

I guess the moral of the story is if anyone is working on the door let them know how fragile this switch cluster is. The second moral of the story is if you ever need any glass work done, take it to the dealer.
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