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Brembo Brakes

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Anyone install Brembo Brakes. I want to have new ones put on and don't know which is better. The Brembo or Mov'it set up. Please advise. Thanks for the help.


And by the way, the Dinan Exhaust is very clean. Sound is perfect. Not to loud and just throaty enough.
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Check out my reply to your earlier posting on 'cross-drilled Porsche brakes'--I'm leaning toward the Mov'it option.
I saw an M3 with the Movit Porsche set-up at my last Road Atlanta driving school. The owner (instructor) had tried several options, and was absolutely and completely satisfied with the swap. Prior to the switch, he had been unable to go a complete weekend without flushing fluid, changing pads, or warping rotors. After the install, he had been able to go at least six schools with the same rotor/pad combo (!!!).
Needless to say, after boiling my fluid and warping my rotors on the first weekend on the track, I was looking for alternatives.
Good luck!
hows about those ceramic brakes from porsche im looking for info on those and they woukd look cool

How do you like those Dinan wheels? Forged? Lighter than factory? What diam? Polished Al?

The look pretty nice. Nice to see a clean looking wheel.
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