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Brakes Advice Needed

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Hi , I have had my M5 for about 18 months now and only covered about 9000 miles in it personally,(The car has done 85000) The front brakes are ready for new discs and pads . Rather than replace them with standard ones can anyone advise me of a better option without replacing the calipers, and without costing a fortune
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There should be a replacement Brembo rotor that you can install and still use the existing, (crappy), factory caliper. I would also replace the pads with a high performance street type pad and replace the stock brake fluid with something like Motul 600. This should give you slightly better braking performance and should decrease the chance of brake fade a little if you're prone to 'track days', etc. Make sure that the brake ducts are open so that as much air as possible are getting to the calipers/pads/rotors.
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