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Hello everyone,
Went on the track for the first time with the M5 this week end, and I had a blast. I'm looking at going back in 2 weeks.
Only thing I did to it before the event was change the brake fluid to higher boil point fluid.

I knew my brakes where getting near done, but they held fine. I wish I had recorded my rotor thickness before the event, but I didn't.

Now for the question.
I'm going to get racing pads for the next event. So pads will be new.

I measured the front rotors today, and while they are over the min (34.4, stamped on hat) they are both at ~34.7mm.

Now, I'm not trying to save anything, I know I'll change the rotors soon, my question is:
Is ~20% (36mm new, 34.4min) of rotor left enough for another day of track (say around 4-5 20min sessions) and finish them there, or should I just change them before.
I also realise that track pads will probably be rougher on the rotors.

So if any of you has good historic on rotor life, let me know your suggestion.

I'll measure the rears tomorrow, but I'm assuming they will be pretty close to the fronts, they were changed previously together.

Thanks !
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