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As someone who has recently done a full brake line replacement on a rusty dodge pickup, I will give you my honest opinion:
  • avoid pumping the brakes any further - as mentioned you can introduce air into the master cylinder if the level gets too low. You don’t want air at all near the master or the abs system.
  • Looking at the state of the hard line, this looks like corrosion leak, not loosening of fittings. If you put a wrench on these, it is likely that the line will be seized to the fitting “rust-welded”
  • I would not touch these lines unless you are prepared to replace the full hard line section as well as the flex line that goes to the caliper.
  • To me this looks like a tow to the shop job unless you are comfortable replacing the line and bleeding yourself. Usually there can be risk of cascading lines breaking as you try to replace sections, so be ready
  • Lastly, check the other side also, if it’s equally as corroded, consider replacing as well to avoid repeat labor

1 - 2 of 2 Posts