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BMW Warranty - check the MAFS?

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Still pretty new here, but am enjoying the level of knowledge that you all have....

i have been reading about the importance of the MAFS in making sure the power delivery is smooth and continuous on the beast. Once in a while it feels like turbo's are spooling on my M5 (at low revs) then boom! off we go!.

Given that I still have a fully factory warranty and intend to extend it, do you think I need to get them to look at my MAFS while they have the car in for service next month?

I don't really consider air flow meters to be wear and tear, so will be expecting these to be warranty items. What do you say guys, especially as the 1500 pound warranty is coming up for renewal again! ? ! ?


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Not likely. You should do a "Dynamic MAF test." Anything over 130 L/H is fine ... 140 L/H is better.

Search for the details ... It's on this website ...
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