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Since the cost of DTM-racing has gone up dramatically the last couple of years (still a lot less than F1 though) and most carmakers are suffering from poor sales, Opel is bailing out. This will leave DTM with only two manufacturers, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. In Germany DTM is as popular as Nascar in the States. So this would leave this great competition a bit pointless really. But according to Hans Werner Aufrecht (boss of AMG-Mercedes and president of DTM) recently, a big competitor could be entering DTM in 2007 (BMW or Alfa?).

In an interview a couple of months ago Dr. Thiessen, head of BMW-Motorsport said that BMW was considering the possibility to re-enter DTM-racing but that all would depend on budget and regulations. That was before the problems with the current F1-car and before they bought Sauber.

With F1 taking a lot of the Motorsport-budget and BMW already being active in the World Touring Car Championship I don’t know if this is really feasible. Could be a way, again, to give a good final run for the M3 GTR (with modifications of course) or enter the series with the upcoming V8 M3 E90.

Does anybody have more information about this story?
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