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BMWNA said:
Two-Day Teen Driving School Offerings Increase

Spartanburg, SC - March 22, 2005... Fans of the ultimate driving machine can indulge their passion while honing their driving skills at the latest driving programs offered by the BMW Performance Center. Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the BMW Performance Center has just released its new driving program schedule, which features more class offerings for the popular two-day teen driving school.

"Our driving programs are designed for everyone - from the teen novice driver to the skilled enthusiast -- who wants to maximize his or her performance behind the wheel while developing defensive driving skills on a professional course," said Diane Nevelle, manager of driving programs and events. "This year, we're expanding the number of two-day teen driving schools to accommodate customers' increased interest."

Both the one-day and two-day teen schools teach young, inexperienced drivers car control techniques that they may not have learned elsewhere. Teens can build their confidence while learning how to cope with everyday traffic situations, performing complex maneuvers, and responding to real-life driving emergencies in a safe, controlled atmosphere.

The teen schools also let drivers fulfill their dream of driving a 3 Series, and both programs offer the BMW 330i Performance Package.

The second day of the two-day teen school features driving lessons with the X3 and X5 Sports Activity Vehicles on the specially-built 'Other Roads' course. Teens experience a winding 1.4 mile route with gravel, water and dirt trails that simulate a variety of road conditions. These exercises, combined with lessons on a paved course, provide participants with a thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics.

Teens also handle rock angles up to 45 degrees and learn safe river-crossing techniques and Hill Ascent Control and Hill Descent Control on uneven surfaces using BMW traction systems. The 'Other Roads' course includes cornering at ground speeds on gravel surfaces and ground clearance limits.

All BMW driving programs start with a short classroom lesson followed by a extensive "seat time" on BMW's professionally-built course. In fact, the BMW Performance Center road course can be configured in 35 different ways and uses special features not found in most driver training programs.

Gift certificates are also available for each driving program. For more information on the BMW Performance Center and its programs, call 888-345-4BMW (4269).

BMW Performance Center 2005 Driving Programs through Summer
(Note: schedule is subject to change)

* Teen Driving School ($400) - April 9; May 21; June 13 and 18; July 1 and 13; August 4 and 27.

* Two-Day Teen Driving School ($700) - March 23-24; June 15-16, 21-22 and 28-29; July 6-7, 18-19 and 26-27; August 1-2; 9-10 and 15-16.

* M Experience ($3,650) - April 12-14; May 19-21; June 1-3; July 7-9; and August 18-20.

* Advanced M Experience ($4,650) - August 29-31.

* BMW Driving Experience ($2,450) - May 31-June 1; June 17-18;

* X Driving School ($550) - March 29; April 21; May 25; June 1; July 9 and 21; August 13 and 29.

* X Driving Experience ($2,450) - July 5-6; August 18-19.

* Women-Only Driving School ($550) - March 26; April 22; May 17; July 22 and August 20.

* One-Day Driving School ($550) - March 28; May 17 and 21; June 13 and 18; July 1 and 14; and August 27.

* Two-Day Driving School ($700) - March 23-24 and 30-31; April 6-7; May 4-5 and 26-27; July 6-7; August 1-2 and 23-24;
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