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Selling a set of BMW OEM wheel locks. BMW part number 36 13 6 764 057. I used the set for 6 months and now no longer need them. They definitely fit all E39 M5's, and from what I've read most other BMW's and even MINI Coopers.

Comes with everything you would get when buying them from the BMW dealer - 4 locking lugs, 2 keys, one key code # paper, and the box packaging. The lugs are in great shape - nice black finish to match the other factory lugs. A note about the silver "locking keys" that remove the locking lugs - BMW is nice enough to include two identical keys so you have one as a spare. One of the included keys is in perfect condition. The second key was used by Discount Tire store when they balanced my wheels and the jerks chewed up the engaging teeth on this second key. The key still works, but I wanted to disclose that this one is not in excellent condition like the other key. So basically you will be receiving one perfect key and one that is just ok. If you should ever want to replace the second key, BMW dealers sell them for around $4 and all you have to do is give them the code number from the locking set (I blurred out the code number in the photo below).

$15 + $5 for shipping = $20 SHIPPED

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