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Something really funny happened today at work.

This BMW fanatic (owner of 6 BMWs, '00 Black 750iL/' Jet Black 00 M5/'99 White 540i/'99 Dark Green M3 Conv/'00 Silver X5/'98 Dark Blue 850i) came in today to fix up some problems with his 540i, he came in, sat down and had a coffee while waiting for his car to get fixed up, after we informed him it was done we gave him the keys and I escorted him outside, waiting to see him off, he walked off to a White M5 parket outside
and starting to press the remote to unlock it, but somehow the car is not responding, he spent about 5 minutes just walking around the car trying to open it up but still no response, and I am just cracking up laughing at him untill he finally looked at me and I smiled politely back and said check the label at the back of the car, so he checked and it said M5, then we both cracked up again, so I accompanied him to his 540i and he took off.

When I asked him how he did not recognise his car and misstook it for an M5, his reply was "long day".

We get those cases all the time, but it keeps things interesting.
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