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bmw m5 or m3 rearview mirror with built in v1 display

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i have a bmw m5 oem mirror that has a valentine one remote radar display in the mirror glass. very cool mod. very slick looking and allows you to mount the v1 radar detector high in the car and allow u tomaintain great visual on whats going on. $600 obo the mirro itself cost that much without the v1 display. email me at [email protected] or watch for it to be listed on ebya soon. thanks emailme with questions and pics.
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Is this for e39 or e60? If it is for e60, the part numbers are the same for M5/M6 and thus, would work. But I am not sure what the part number for e39 is. I can't recall what my mirrors looked like in my e39, but I assume they are different altogether. Does the mirror have the homelink and compass built in?
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