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Since its inception in 1984, the M5 has been an iconic sports sedan setting the standards for others to follow. Currently counting 6 model generations, it remains one of the best vehicles ever produced. But, are all BMW M5s equal in terms of popularity, comfort, and reliability? What was the best year for the BMW M5? Let’s find that out and try ranking them from best to worst, even if the term “worst” is something you’d never refer to any BMW M5.

1. E28 M5
The E28 M5 is the vehicle that started it all. Beyond a doubt, it is not the most technologically advanced and powerful M5 with its 282 hp in BMW’s collection, but since it was the first, it deserves to be the first in our rating.
2. E39 M5
The third-generation BMW M5, the E39 is, probably, one of the finest four-door sports sedans ever produced. Super stylish and comfortable, it was the first M5 to use a V8 engine that was able to produce up to 400 hp, which also made the E39 super powerful. That’s why it comes as no surprise that thousands of BMW fans consider the E39 M5 to be the best M5 ever produced.
3. F90 M5
The current version of the M5, the F90 is the vehicle that many M5 fans met with criticisms due to the introduction of a four-wheel drive system that BMW has never installed before on the M5 series. But, in fact, they got one of the best four-door luxury sports sedans that delivers lots of fun at the wheel. In 2017, it even set the Guinness world record for the longest continuous vehicle drift.
4. E34 M5
The E34 is the last hand-built M5 produced by BMW. Despite the fact it was heavier and a bit more complicated than its predecessor E28, it is a perfect car that does a lot of things brilliantly. Both 3.6L and 3.8L engines it was equipped with are very reliable and have survived the test of time.
5. E60 M5
The E60 was the last M5 generation equipped with a naturally-aspirated engine. Its 5.0 V10 was a creature of engineering art, producing 500 hp and rocketing you to 62 mph in less than 5 seconds. On the other side of the coin, its 7-speed SMG transmission was unreliable and frustrating.
6. F10 M5
Being the first M5 equipped with a turbocharged engine, the F10 provided a significant boost in horsepower and torque you can not only read on your dashboard panel but also feel. However, many people who got used to the naturally-aspirated M5 criticized the F10 for its sound and steering feel.


Every M5 generation stands for an incredibly stylish, reliable, and powerful car that sports tons of character that you can’t help but like. As for the cons, there is nothing endless under the sun, but if a breakdown happens, at Truck&Gear, you’ll always find top-quality BMW M5 parts to get your sports car back on the road without breaking the bank.

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E39 M5 is first on my list. (The E39 chassis in general is I think one of the best sedans ever made!)

E60 M5 is second because of the one and only (F1 inspired) V10 motor BMW will ever make.

F90 M5 CS is 3rd, because I personally think the M5 CS is bringing back the name of the M5 to the top of the food chain as a apex predator, like the e28, e39, and e60 era's.

I remember in the earlier years (1990's and early 2000's) turbochargers were more of a rarity when included on stock performance cars, but now most brand new performance cars are turbocharged stock! So now they aren't as much of a "Oh **** he's got a turbo!?!" when you heard a blow off valve or hear a turbo spool up on a sports car. Now its just "another" stock turbocharged car...
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