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BMW M5 3.8 Liter S38B38 Cylinder Head (Damaged)

My BMW M5 3.8 Liter S38B38 Cylinder Head that experienced some detonation damage years ago when my 1995 M5 Touring 3.8 overheated. I elected to replace the entire engine at that time as heads were prohibitively expensive and too difficult to locate, and I preferred not to attempt a repair of this one. There is some erosion of the aluminum in some areas that you may be able to see in the photos. Includes all original valves, springs, etc. Included with the head are the cam tower and factory OEM cams that appear in very nice condition. The engine had about 60,000 miles on it, and ran perfectly before the overheat.

Asking price is $1,600.00

Please message me for shipping details, that shall be charged at cost from Los Angeles.

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