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paul540/m3 said:
BMW Factory Tours (Germany)
<HR style="COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I was just wondering where I could get some info on factory tours in germany. Of course I'd love to visit the BMW factory but others as well so any info on Mercedes, Audi, VW anything of the like would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Dan Tacket a long time CCA member and one of the organizers of the annual BMW CCA Trip to the International BMW CC at the Nurburgring started a company called "Autobahn Tours" which are exactly what you are looking for. He runs a number of trips each year including the ring driving school. I know more than a few members here including myself have been to the ring school and were very happy with the whole experience. Dan does trips to the factory, BMW museum, the transportation museum, hockenheim, the ring, etc... Give dan a call and I bet he has something that will suit your needs... No relation to Dan other than as a satisfied customer and fellow enthusiast. Dan was also gracious enough to help another instructor out when I visited Infineon (Sears Point) last year and helped me tremendously with some ride along laps and giving me visual cues to focus on at the track. If you have never been to the ring I highly recommend going in august for the whole week of factory tours and the school at the ring. Its an amazing experience.. Maybe redshift will comment further....

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