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BMW E60 / E61 M5 Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold / Engine cover from NVD Autosport

This is the original BMW E60 / E61 M5 Intake Manifold / Engine cover laminated / skinning in REAL Carbon fiber. This BMW E60 / E61 M5 Carbon fiber Intake Manifold / Engine cover is available for both RHD and LHD version.

Our BMW E60 / E61 M5 Carbon fiber parts are available in:
- Black Carbon Fiber
- Red Carbon Fibre
- Silver Carbon Fiber

More of BMW E60 / E61 M5 Carbon Fiber parts , please visit :
BMW E60 M5 Carbon fiber parts

Thank you
NVD Autosport

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Agreed on pricing. He does this all the time. And his website doesn't have prices. Pretty useless. Stand by your value proposition and post prices. Not posting ices means you think most ppl will think it's over priced. And if that's the case and most ppl feel that way , then it's because it's true.

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