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Hello fellow Bimmer lovers;
Sorry if some of these issues are reposts but i have multiple issues and i thought it would be easier to have them in a single post. i have a 2002 E39 M5 Hamman i use it as my everyday car, its a fantastic car but latley i have been plagued with some issues that might be or might not be serious, hence i need your help in identifying and solving these issues; so i can keep this beautiful beast alive. Please find below a list of problems and car details:

Location: Muscat Oman
Milage: 168000 Kms
last service: 1 month ago; replaced filter and did oil flush/change
last major service was about 8 months ago where previous owner replaced clutch, brake discs, brake pads, filter, oil flush and even replaced tires.

1- After doing the service i noticed smoke from the tail pipes but only for a day the next day there was no smoke but i have noticed oily residue on 3 of the 4 exhaust pipe tips, the oil is not everywhere in the exhaust but right at the tips at the end, I have noticed a few drops of oil when i park the car, the other day i reved it hard and i noticed that the oil residue on the exhaust truned whitish. I am very concerned about this, i had some oil in the trunk that leaked out and messed up my trunk and it went all the way and leaked out of the car but i do not suspect this got into the exhaust it self. Kindly please advise...

2-My screen has gone off the radio/CD changer everything is working i can increase/decrease the volueme, change tracks,from the unti and from the sterring wheel but nothing is displayed on the screen its a blank screen, i can tell that the light behind the screen is working cause i can see the screen light up when i switch on the car. It happened before and after a few days when i started the car the screen was working again but this time its been weeks and the screen is not working i took it to the dealership and as usual they told me to replace the screen.

3-The other day late at night and the outside temp was around 19 degrees. I was driving and all of a sudden the radio stopped wipers engaged, i got two warning lights, battery and traction or ABS (i think) car felt like it lost power; i immediatley put it in neutral, the whole incident lasted for liek 5 seconds. After that radio came back on, wipers stoped, i put the car back into 4th gear and continued driving, i have not experienced anything like that before and since it happened i have not noticed it anything strange with the car. Before it happened the radio kept changing from CD to FM for a few seconds then back to CD it happened 4 times at different times of the day. I need expert advice on this could it be something wrong with the cluster, ECU, relay switches ???

4-The aircon has an internal leakage i filled up the aircon gas 2 in the last 2 months, i notice that one side if the car cools more than the other, they garage i take it to told me its an internal leak and not a compressor leak heance they have to take the dashboard apart to fix the leak.

5-I keep getting a low windscreen washer message i filled the container and noticed there was a leak cause the samll pipe that runs from the container to the washers was disconnected, i reconnected it filled up the washer container again but i keep getting the message.

6- The driver side side mirror doesn't fold when i press the button to fold them. I noticed before that the right one would fold faster than the left one. I guesse i need to replace the whole side mirror or find the motor if its sold seperatley.

I am sorry for the long post. I look forward to some advice and positive responses.

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