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Finally decided to open these up. Since DJ Auto are STILL not around state side and I know some of y'all don't like dealing with international stuff I imported a bunch.

Basically found one source with new stock but half way across the globe. So those that know how lovely US customs is will appreciate this. I say this as a birch set has been floating (lost) in new jersey for the better part of a week now.

In short, priced higher than what you could source overseas for sure. But here they are, in the US, ready to ship. For use in 2001-2003 LCI Models
(June/02 onward guys you're gonna have some work cut out for ya.)

Price per pair is $170 + shipping/PP fee. 3 pairs are available.
They are all NIB ready to go. Only opened to make sure nothing was broken.


more pics:[email protected]/albums/72157711850986816
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