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My name is ruben block.
I live in Belgium.I love working and driving with old bmw's(for me personal the big coupes)(bmw e24 and bmw e31)
driving with a old six serie is very nice,the control of the car I really like.
driving with the e31 is very nice to.only the car is a gt.
after selling my first 850i automatic,I bought a 840i manual.
the drive was much more fun,manual to automatic.the m60 is a good engine,but I needed more punch.
and more brake power too.
and for me personal it missed that sporty feeling,like that in a old 6 serie.
the dream was for building a csi version,with stronger big brakes,and more power under the hood.
and a little more special parts.
the more i am building cars,the more respect I have for builders like Porsche.
the club sport versions.I like that idea very much,only sportseats,belts,pedals,and strong engine and a very light interior.
no options,only good power to weight ratio.
very fun to drive

so plans started to grow to build csl versions one of the e31 and on the same time i am building a bmw e24 csl(with turbo m88 engine)
bought made as light as possible.I will post the build of the e24 in the 6 serie forum.after years collecting parts I can start finally the build.

the parts for the e31 are,s62 engine e39 m5.rear diff 210mm 3.25 with 45% lock(old e23 735i diff)full csi body,brakes of the e60 v10 m5(374mm front and 370mm rear)interior rebuild to 2 seater.
the e31 is now under going a strip down.the car will be striped of metal plates(behind rear seats and other places)heavy beams like the rear spoiler will be replace with other materials.the front seats are removed and replaced with light weight recaros with 4 point seat belts.wheels will be the m parallel and I have special made styling 21(throwing stars) in 18 inch.I like the T stars very much,but with 18 inch wheel and the v10 brakes i have 6.4mm space with the caliper in side the m parallel wheel.I do not wanted to give the T star up,so I have rebuild a other bmw 5 spoke wheel,with a new cnc machined center of the star but now in 18inch look.I do not need options or special parts,I want a bmw e31 csl clubsport.

so after the long search after a bmw e31 from 1990,because i want a car that is from before 93(emission rules in Belgium)
the most important was to find a early german car(fast oldtimer)(25 years)(for the moment),because after the build is complete.
the car go's back to Germany for a einzelabname(tuv control)every part will be on the chasis number.
when the car haves permit to drive on the german road,it will be ok for all europe.
then I will import the car to Belgium.and everything will be legal ok.

the people that help me with those 2 builds are.

Revtor(Belgium)e31 bmw code specialist
Wokke(Germany)e31 and e24
Cura(America) e31 e39 m5
Kristof(Belgium) Krivand painter
Johan Haex(Belgium)engine rebuilding
Tino(Germany)e30 tuning seite(engine electric tuning)
Andre Cleeren(Belgium)diff specialist
Kris Huysmans AMF precisie(special cnc cad works)(Belgium)
Jan Proost proost plastics(special plastic welder) (Belgium)
Dieter classic safety car(Belgium) brakes

without the help off those guys this was not be possible(thank you guys)
ps,sorry for all those mails,but when you dont know have to ask the specialists.

I will post pics of the build,when there is something special or import to say,I will mention it.
the plan is that I like too see more cars like this on the road.

so I had the car finally,but with a little suprice,a mouse nest of a few years.
when somebody needs soms info(please send me a pm)
in a few weeks I have the csi bodykit too in fiberglass(front and rear spoiler)

best regards

Ruben block



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Any updates

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Any updates
Hello Sir

the next 2 months I am working on my procar kit kar(I have a post on this forum about it,will post new pics).because it is now summer in Belgium.and the weather is nice and warm.
ideal for working with fiberglas.
after that I start back on this project.the 850i I am using for this project is put first on the street in august 12 1990.
so the car is next year 25 years old.with the age of 25 is that car in Belgium a oldtimer.
that means now more road taxes.for a 5 liter engine that is more that 2500 euro a year.I rather put 2500 in the car then pay on taxes.
so the plan is not finisch the car before 12 august 2015,because I know my self and will bring the car before that date on the road.
and still pay taxes.

I can make some pics of the parts of the car,but please waite a few more months.

best regards


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sneak and peak bmw throwing stars in 19 inch

hello Everybody

I am back on the projects after family business.
because my 8serie have the front brakes and discs of the e60 v10 and on the rear I have the front calipers of the e90 m3 and disc of the v10.I needed bigger wheels.17 inch was to small.first I wanted to place the dual m parallel.but 18 inch is to small.the caliper whas complety hidden so I went with 19 inch.the star is made bigger to fit in the 19 inch wheel and in 2.5d.
In a few days I have to cnc wooden mdf moulds here with me.and I can make moulds from them.

I will keep you updated

best regards



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