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1988 BMW M6 with no engine but have a 1991 e34 parts car that has a perfectly good s38 engine. It was running great before everything was disconnected. The e34 was a salvage and not worth fixing unless made into a track car. This is a two for one deal, the rest of the parts go with the e34 doors, hood, trunk, dash, etc.. The M6 is completely rust free and the old engine threw a rod, the car has 148,000 miles on it and the engine in the e34 had 145,000 miles on it before it was disconnected. Great restoration for anyone that is looking for a older rare M car. Have multiple parts for both cars which can be a direct swap or build for the M6. If anyone needs more pictures let me know, cars are located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Reason for selling is have to many things going on so not worth having them sit around.

Asking $11,900 for all of it but open to offers.

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